Oliver’s Town are looking for a team player’s!!

Author: JoeOT - Date: 17th January 2017

Kt office  (19) Oliver's Town are looking for a team player's with drive, enthusiasm and energy. You will need to have impeccable people skills as this role will involve dealing with a wide variety of people. Excellent customer service skills are essential and an acute awareness of client relationships is required to succeed in this position. Currently looking for: Sales Negotiators Lettings Negotiators If you would like to apply for this position please email your CV to dovile@oliverstown.com

Torriano Summer Social

Author: Olivers News Team - Date: 11th July 2016


The Torriano Summer Social will be taking place on Friday 15th July, from 3.30pm-7.00pm. You are invited to join us for an afternoon of food, musical performance, games and much more! We look forward to seeing you all there.

Landlord of shared housing in Camden? Make sure you have a licence

Author: JoeOT - Date: 18th December 2015

Landlords of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in Camden must have a licence by December 8, in a bid to protect the borough’s 20,000 private renters from unsafe or unhealthy homes.

The term HMO encompasses house shares, converted flats, student homes and bedsits, so the changes will apply to a large proportion of landlords in the student-rich borough. So if your property is rented to three or more people (including children) who form more than one household it counts as an HMO.

A couple and a friend, or a single-parent family and additional tenant would both qualify as HMOs and the tenancy agreement and size of the property make no difference to this classification.

The licensing scheme will include property inspections and advice for landlords on any improvements they need to make to their property.

Unlicenced landlords will risk fines and may have to pay rent refunds.

The additional licence for Camden has been introduced in addition to the existing mandatory licence for HMO landlords, which applies nationally, and will cost £450 for a five-year licence, as well as £45 per unit (bedroom, bedsit, etc).

The measure was introduced in response to inspections of rental properties by Camden council, which found health and safety issues, fire hazards, poor security and mould and damp-causing excess cold.

Councillor Patricia Callaghan, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We face a housing crisis in Camden and need initiatives like licensing to help us tackle it. Good quality and safe housing impacts residents’ quality of life and that’s why it’s so important that we’re introducing this.

“Everyone has a right to good quality housing, and often private renters are forced to live in the worst conditions. The Council’s working to change this as part of our commitment to making Camden a place for everyone.

“Residents called for us to do more to improve standards and we had overwhelming support for the proposals from our consultation.

''We understand that there are good landlords. Our scheme aims to assist them and enable other landlords to run better businesses and provide a higher quality service.”

To apply for a licence go to camden.gov.uk/hmolicensing or call 020 7974 5969 for more information


Mortgage Product of the Week

Author: JoeOT - Date: 17th November 2015

95% Mortgage for First Time Buyers:-

2yr Fixed, 3.99%, No arrangement fee,


Available for First Time Buyers only

Mortgage Tip of the Week

Clients on Maternity Leave:-

As long as they can evidence when they will be returning to work & on what salary – in the form of a letter from their Employer – then we can consider their full income for mortgage affordability

Olivers Town offer our sincere condolences to all affected by Friday’s attacks

Author: JoeOT - Date: 16th November 2015


Olivers Town were deeply shocked and saddened by the terrible loss of life in Paris on Friday evening.

We send our most sincere condolences to you, the families of those who have died and the French people.

‪Nous souhaitons exprimer notre vive douleur devant les actes terroristes qui ont laissé dans le deuil non seulement les familles et les proches des victimes de ces attentats, mais aussi le peuple français et le monde entier... Restons fort et unis durant cette terrible épreuve.

Mortgage Product of the Week

Author: JoeOT - Date: 9th November 2015

Let to Buy:-

2yr Fixed, 2.99%, £1999 arrangement fee, 75% loan to value


For people looking to move but wish to keep existing property as well

Can capital raise on existing property to provide deposit for new purchase

To be arranged in conjunction with onward purchase – therefore TWO mortgages

Mortgage Tip of the Week

Looking to increase borrowing based on income then we can include all of the following with some lenders to increase the maximum loan available:-

o Working and Child tax credits

o Child Benefit

o Foster and Carers’ Allowances

o Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment

Oliver’s Estate Agents have now rebranded to Olivers Town

Author: JoeOT - Date: 6th November 2015

Ot logo

Oliver's Estate Agents have now been rebranded to OliversTown!

Please pop into our refurbished, slick and ultra modern flagship office in Kentish Town. You can also visit our brand new website by visiting www.oliverstown.com

Mortgage Product of the Week

Author: JoeOT - Date: 3rd November 2015

Mortgage Product of the Week


NatWest, 1.73%, 2yr Tracker, £1995 arrangement fee, 60% loan to value


Available to First Time Buyers – subject to income affordability

Mortgage Tip of the Week

Did you know we can now DAY 1 RE-MORTGAGES:-

So if someone has bought a property & wishes to raise capital out of it from Day 1 we can now do this, where previously it was not allowed.

Kentish Town’s Cinema Is Opening Next Year September

Author: JoeOT - Date: 28th October 2015


So the good news is that – over forty years after the last picturehouse closed down in the area – Kentish Town is one step closer to having a cinema again.

It’s been an involved and quite frankly dull tale of exchanging contracts and tedious licensing applications (even we’ve zoned out) but the happy upshot is that the building owners have now sold the cinema part to another company, Uplift, who are overseeing its development. Yay.

They’re a team of London-based designers, architects and builders who are, says founder Kam Sagar, “passionate” “about design and period buildings that have an interesting story. “When we came across the former polytechnic building and found out about its history and how much it’s loved locally, we knew we had to be involved in the project,” he says. “We purchased the property in June 2015.”

Since its use as a poly, the 1920s landmark served a long stint as a Pizza Express – and more recently, was squatted and held some pretty interesting alternative gatherings to boot.

We understand they’re keeping the Allies & Morrison original plan (see image above). But what can you lot expect? “A 70-seater cinema with a café and bar,” says Kam succinctly. Which is surely a good thing (although who else hates the relentless crunch and schlurp of cheese-topped nachos?

And who will run the joint? I mean, that’s what we all really want to know, right? “We’d love for an independent chain to operate the cinema and associated facilities,” says Kam, who clearly isn’t giving much away at this stage.

As regular readers will know, the most interested party to date has been hip Bermondsey picture-house Shortwave, who are still frontrunners.

Best of all? This time next year NW5 will finally have its own cinema once more. “We look forward to opening the doors in September 2016,” Sagar says.

Five steps you MUST take before putting your home on the market

Author: JoeOT - Date: 28th October 2015


How to get your home in the best state possible to achieve a good price as quickly as possible

1. It’s said that neutral decor sells homes and, of course, it does. It’s tough to be offended by neutral colours, and then if buyers want to inject colour and pattern, it’s not hard to do so. Neutral doesn’t, by any means, have to be bland and boring though - it’s all about how you put the look together with accessories, flooring and furniture. Neutral colours, especially white, also help to make rooms feel lighter, brighter and more spacious. The Dulux Light + Space Matt range (from £20.99 for 2.5ltr, dulux.co.uk) has the same intention. These neutral and pastel colours use light-reflective particles to bounce light around, and work especially well in gloomy, north-facing rooms.

2. It’s easy to live with unfinished DIY jobs, but once you’ve decided to put your home on the market, dodgy DIY is a big no-no. It can put buyers off and make them think they’ll need to spend more time and money finishing the work than they necessarily will. If you can’t do the jobs yourself, get a pro in – it will be money well spent. Even if you’ve finished the DIY, you need to keep on top of it because things deteriorate. Common problems include marks on walls, hairline cracks that keep opening and chipped woodwork. Things like this make your home look shabby, so going from room to room with a fresh eye and putting right the problems is worth the effort.

3. It’s also worth scrutinising the outside of your home. Exterior maintenance is easy to overlook, but it’s something a buyer’s surveyor will pick up on, so it’s worth pre-empting any remedial work, as it could save you time, money and hassle. Not maintaining the exterior can also lead to problems inside, such as damp caused by missing or slipped roof tiles, or faulty guttering. And don’t forget kerb appeal – making a good first impression from outside your home is essential. Inside, a neat and tidy hallway also creates a good first impression – ensure there’s enough storage for coats, shoes and scarves, etc, preferably out of sight.

4. Giving your home a really good clean - and cleaning, airing and tidying it before every viewing - is a must. If you have masses of personal items on display, consider packing them away. While making your home look too sterile won’t help sell it, a cluttered home will put buyers off. Remember, they may look in cupboards and wardrobes, so stuffing these full of things isn’t the answer because it shows you don’t have enough storage space. Instead, create more storage, preferably built-in or in the loft or garden, or get the stuff out of your home and into a storage unit.

5. Make the most of the space you have - put a dining table in the kitchen (as long as it isn’t a squeeze) to turn it into a kitchen-diner, and put the biggest bed you can comfortably fit in each bedroom. If you have a study or home office and the room would be more valuable as a bedroom, swap the desk for a bed, at least while you sell. The trick is to make your home easy for buyers to imagine as their home, and to move on emotionally so you can move on physically.


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