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Dartmouth Park

Our area guide to Dartmouth Park gives you a quick overview of the neighbourhood from its properties, public parks, local schools, council tax, public transport links to shopping and going out. Postcodes covered by this area guide include

Dartmouth Park Overview
Dartmouth Park is a district of north London in the London Borough of Camden, on the slope of the hill that rises up to Highgate from Kentish Town.

Dartmouth Park is named after the Earl of Dartmouth who bought the land in the middle of the 18th century. The 5th Earl of Dartmouth instigated some major house building in the late 19th century, and the area has continued to undergo development since that time.

Most of the area consists of late nineteenth century terraces and semi-detached houses, with a few more recent buildings. The local church is St Mary Brookfield, designed by William Butterfield and opened in 1875. It is red brick with contrasting yellow and blue brick patterns.

Dartmouth Park Today
Dartmouth Park is a quiet residential area with a mixture of residents, from young professionals and families through to retired couples. To the north lies the Holly Lodge Estate and then Highgate. La Sainte Union school, which is housed in a listed building facing Hampstead Heath, is also in the area. Dartmouth Park is separated from Kentish Town to the south by the Gospel Oak to Barking railway line. There is indeed a park; it is a small open space on the edge off the reservoir just across in Islington now named Dartmouth Park.

Council Tax Rates

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